Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help
We are looking for individuals, families, companies, groups to "adopt" a part of our parks and trails.
Each volunteer group will help to patrol, detrash, improve and maintain the parks and trails with a little of their time, which can be planned events or on your own when you have time.
We already have one adopting group, employees of Brown and Caldwell have adopted 1/4 mile of the Bull Creek trail on the west side of 360, going south from the low water crossing.
Areas needing adoption are:
1. the District Park (leash free doggie park) on Lakewood Drive,
2. the trail from there to 360 and Lakewood Dr.,
3. the trail on the west side of 360 north from Lakewood Dr.,
4. the trail on the east side of 360 to Spicewood Springs Road,
5. the new Smith Memorial trail west of 360,
6. St. Edward's Park and trail, about 2.5 miles west of 360,
7. St. Edward's mountain bike trail,
8. St. Edward's 1 mile trail going north from the park.
9. NW Balcones Park and Trail
10. Mountainview Park and Trail
Please sign up and become a part of an adoption team!
Send an email to bullcreekvolunteers at gmail dot com
and let us know which of these you would like to help take care of with a little of your time now and then.
We will help those who volunteer to connect with each other and plan their activities, and provide tools as needed.
Make helping Bull Creek your 2008 resolution!
Skip Cameron, President