Thursday, December 2, 2010

January 15 Work Day 9-12

Please Join us January 15, 9AM - 12 Noon.

Invasive plants, primarily Japanese and Chinese privet (aka ligustrum), continue to be a central focus in our management efforts. Trail and erosion damage repair are next on the priority list and several wire removal projects remain.

We’ll organize into small (3-6 person) crews working individually or in groups on larger tasks.

Please note our starting location which is marked by the blue pin in the map at

Tools, gloves, treats for break time, and water will be provided.
We need extra wheelbarrows, shovels and picks, so please bring these if you have them.

Please advise George Innis at gsnsj at sbcglobal dot net before by Friday January 14 if you are coming, so he can plan the necessary tools and snacks.