Monday, March 12, 2012

Nutrient Pollution - You Can Help

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One of America's most widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problems is excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the air and water.

In and around the home: Fertilizers, yard and pet waste, and certain soaps and detergents contain nitrogen and phosphorous, and can contribute to nutrient pollution if not properly used or disposed of. The amount of hard surfaces and type of landscaping can also increase the runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus during wet weather.

Nitrates, mostly from from lawn fertilizers are the #1 pollutants found in Bull Creek.
In NW Austin the soil does not need fertilizers high in nitrogen and phosphorus.
Do your part by using no fertilizer at all.
If you feel that you may need fertilizer, have a soil sample tested by the County Ag Extension,
1600-B Smith Road Austin, TX, 78721 (512) 854-9600
If you use a landscaper for yard maintenance, please ask them to not use any fertilizer, or any fertilizers high in nitrogen and phosphorus, but rather use organic fertilizer that does not migrate into the karst limestone beneath your soil and into Bull Creek.